Welcome to WayPoint. Canada’s only vacation co-operative. Since 2014 WayPoint has been providing Canadians with affordable first class vacations for life. This is your first step towards enjoyment of a lifetime of memorable vacations. Best of all, you and your family can begin living this Vacation Lifestyle now.

WayPoint provides Canadians with an affordable alternative that will ensure that you and your family can collect a lifetime of vacation memories that will be treasured for generations.

Your best investment is in priceless experiences enjoyed with family and friends. For most people, the biggest regret in life is not spending more quality time with family. At life’s end, who remembers their mutual funds or other financial investments? Don’t miss out on this life changing opportunity!

What Is a WayPoint?

waypoint-waypoint-iconA “WayPoint” was originally navigation term which defines a stopping point plotted on a map during a journey or voyage. Everyone is familiar with the Waypoint icon on every map on the internet, marking a destination or point of interest.

We call ourselves WayPoint because we believe that each vacation creates a landmark along the journey of life. When we share memories, we look back on our vacation experiences. These vacation experiences are the WayPoints that we treasure over a lifetime.

When you buy WayPoints, you can use them for vacations at more than 7,389  affiliated resorts around the world. With a single payment you become a Vacation Co-op Member entitled to receive WayPoints every year for life.

Choose Your Dream Vacation Every Year

With WayPoints, you have a world of vacations to choose from. You pick the destination, the unit size and the length of time! Most units are ideal for families and include fully equipped kitchen facilities.

Looking for more vacation options? CLICK HERE to view more than 7389 resorts available with WayPoints

WayPoint Moments: Photos from Our Members

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The Co-op Advantage

WayPoint is the only Vacation Co-op in Canada. It has been providing affordable First Class Vacations to Canadians since 2014.

Co-ops are a unique type of business structure that operates under their own legislation, primarily to provide benefits to their Members

Our Co-op’s is Member owned and operated with a mission to provide Members with the best vacation value obtainable. Each Member has an equal vote in the management and operation of the Co-op

The Government of Canada is committed to encouraging the Co-op Movement. This means special tax incentives that are not available to other types of companies

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